what did we aspire: ROXIE VIZCARRA

(for postersforhumans.com - ink, wash, photoshop)

(2009 sketchbook)

"born in 1987, ROXANNA VIZCARRA lives in brooklyn and spent most of her early life believing people who drew things for a living were desperately poor and unhappy, or at least very misinformed. during adolescence, however, she became much less sensible and reversed this opinion all together."

having graduated just this past year from the parsons illustration department at the age of 21, roxanna, aka roxie, (not someone i know personally but kind of wish i did) clearly has a developed characteristic style that effectively expresses thoughts and ideas while being humorous and definitely eye-catching as well.

her art shows a grasp of using simple color harmonies to the maximum impact or even just one or two flat colors to pack punch in a composition. the line work is clean, graphic, black and crisp. text and fonts are seamlessly incorporated and always aid rather than distract from the subject.

she's done freelance work for madatoms.com and cliche posters LLC. also put in time and work with dirty bandits, juliette borda and ArtSouth.

makes me wish a little i was going into illustration...
and a little satisfied, proud, pleased to know my school's alumni is of this caliber.
now to go on and be this great.

click through to ROXINATION


both are worth flipping through

(two years of weightlessness - screenprint)

(two-page spread conceptual piece about the positive effects of candy on war - ink, watercolor, photoshop)

(this character was designed to be the marriage between man and power lines - ink, photoshop)

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