what did we presume

so there's this link on sea of shoes to garbage dress that i clicked on and was not initially very attracted to at all. you can click through and see for yourself...

anyway - so i'm not very fond of her fashion style and i don't think that much of her likes and taste but that's just a matter of different opinion and personality (and i'm still working on truly expanding my horizons and enjoying / appreciating art and design that is unlike my own style / work / capabilities)

but. i did love this wall painting / mural / installation piece. (shown above in partially done and below in completely done) love the portrait / graphic / black and white and typography use. so at least there is this about zana bayne that attracts me.

for the record: this party was for the launch of LURVE MAGAZINE in berlin featuring DJ (and model) daul - which the following two photos are of (in part for aplusdi) i agree she's cute.

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