what did we plan to do


much heart for the photographic dictionary found via ghost bears

such gorgeous images from a collection of photographers and i love the idea of one image as a definition of a word. obviously each photo is a biased tinted description of the word attempted. i'm sure that my photographic dictionary would be a completely different set from yours. at least in collaboration there is a glance into a variety of lives via the tunnel of one simple, seemingly randomly chosen word. i think i'm in love with the concept even more than i am fascinated by this collection of images and the definitions underneath.

this is something i'd really enjoy doing with a group of people. interested?


Amy + Dianne said...

i bookmarked it.


charpoon said...

actually, yes - photos + words? what more could i ask for?

Leenduh said...

i wouldnt mind taking on this project with you! sounds awesome.