what did we think: --

to be an egg, a slice of cheese, a banana or a banana cheese egg or cheese banana egg.
i want to be one or the other or both perfectly together.
and i'd like to be the middle of a sunny side up egg, the hue of the golden arches, the familiar post-it note; yellow things so distinctly white. i'd like to be the double-skin milk pudding, the rabbit in the moon, the outside of a barbecue pork bun; white things so clearly yellow.
i want to be first this and that, but desire most of all - both combined.
to be yellow, to be white, to be an egg or some cheese or a banana, all three
i am chinese-american or i am american-chinese.
i am white and yellow or pale pastel golden hued;
i want no name or category or place and i want all three.

inspired by someone very very brave,
who is a hero in my eyes for many reasons

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