what did we wait for: project runway

so project runway is beginning again this fall august 20, 10 pm (two days after i land - except i don't have a tv...ah well) and as part of the summer net surfing i've been doing (terribly little lately as a result of a 40 hour work week..) i checked out all 16 designer's portfolios online and came up with these three as my favorite - go skip over to bravo's website and check em out for yourself and tell me what you think

the site has 44 short questions asked and answers from each designer as well including "favorite colors" and "favorite model" and encompassing "what kind of child were you like" "what kind of housemate are you" - interesting fodder to chew...

there are also really cool home videos / audition tapes / closet tours online available for each designer...but as a result of not being in the usa i can't view them...

malvin vien
"my designs have substance, a philsophy"
age 24 from new york; aspiring fashion designer and favorite designer....himself
parsons AAS alumni, fashion must: "the courage to wear what makes you feel right"; favorite model linda evangelista

ra'mon-lawrence coleman
"I’ll bring a modern aesthetic with a little avant-garde twist that will be fresh and exciting."
age 31 from chicago, IL; designer for Kohl's and favorite designer marc jacobs
SAIC alumni; favorite model chanel iman currently
biggest fear as a designer: "I fear the possibility of my point of view being deemed irrelevant."

irina shabayeva
"i will save the world one dress at a time! the world is waiting."
age 21 from new york; aspiring fashion designer and favorite designer jean paul gaultier
parsons alumni; favorite model christy turlington

it figures my favorite designer of the 16 is a) asian and b) a parsons alumni.

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