studio of our own

so jenny oh had to take some of the new school academic technology lighting equipment out for her 2dis project. and since we had it around anyway. we decided we might as well take advantage of it like good spontaneous artistic students we are with work to do that we try to put off for as long as possible. so i have 184 photos of this evening's photo shoot activities. here are exactly three of them because showing the other 181 would be too much. despite their entertainment value.
again - the color quality is significantly better not on blogspot. i have yet to figure out why. we're so cute janice - we must develop this and put this on our door.
we love this hallway so much. i will miss you union square 7A.

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Christal said...

HAHA. i bet the photoshoot thing started when ari and i came over for yom kippur yeah? =P and im sorry i have another sad post in my blog the public one...