james jean: kindling

i adore james jean. thank you vania and christal for the infatuation. he is amazing.

his pencil sketches in and of themselves, the size of an A4 sheet of paper or smaller, are masterpieces alone. the detail he manages to fit into completely accurate proportionally and realistic figures is mind boggling. the lightest lines are entirely manipulated and controlled. specific motifs crop up again and again in all of his work so that a viewer is always sure that this is truly his. strings, cabbages, missing limbs, swans and faceless children all fascinate the imagination. i love the surreal quality, the floating soft mysticism, the fanciful color and crowded aspects accompanied with expanses of perfect color. james jean. to have your inspiration....

plus you're taiwanese, just turning 30 and have sold almost all the pieces shown at the jonathan levine gallery in chelsea from jan 10 through feb 7.

i could post so many photos. but that's what links are for:
click click click click click ------> JAMES JEAN: KINDLING