what did we read: the critical of design

while reading a mandatory essay (the critical of design by clive owen) for intro to design studies, i actually grew interested (this tends to happen to me. maybe i should have gone into academia...)
and here are a few quotes about design.

(how dorky is it of me that in the last two weeks of school i have legitimately read and taken notes on twelve full length essays? i feel good and pretty pleased about the whole soaking up knowledge like a sponge business going down here despite my attendance at a design school)

"But if "individual designers and the discipline as a whole are seldom more than superficially aware of their role in the staging of the cultural environment' this is not because of inherent qualities or conditions within design but because 'designers...fail to reflect critically upon the conditions in which their action comes about.""

"Dispossessed of the insights that a critical perspective - and only this - can provide, design loses sight of its own work and of the contexts in which it operates."

"Critical comprehension of design possibility requires an understanding of the depth of the historical changes that are now beginning to become evident."

"we are beginning to perceive that our comprehension of who we are and even more of who and what we might be depends on how we understand the artificial..."

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