what did we spot: SATC

today sex and the city is being filmed in soho.
parked on prince street between greene and w. broadway are all the cast trailers. walking to and from the park on 6th ave and prince on my lunch break i managed to see all four of the stars (walk past them in close proximity...): kristin davis, sarah jessica parker, cynthia nixon and kim catrall (in that order)

today i love the fact that i work at nylon AND that the nylon office is where it is.

hah. i feel like i finally have a legit answer to the question i always get asked because i happen to go to school in nyc. "have you seen any celebrities?" yes. yes i have.

(oh and i know i'm crazy but these are the outfits: kristin davis: emerald green sleeveless very ruffly dress, sarah jessica parker: just spaghetti strap and leggings, cynthia nixon: patterned sleeveless summer dress, kim catrall: jeweled necklace and bright light blue sleeveless v neck dress)


Amy + Dianne said...

i am jealous.
they were filming by the plaza last week for two days and there were so many people aka: tourists waiting around. and no, i did not have my camera ready for super stalking.
i miss you!!

charlotte said...

what?!?!? crazy!!! but you know what? tom hank's son is a freshman at our school this year and levina shook hands with tom hanks, and he was like, "hi, i'm tom."!!!!!
lol and did you see oprah's flash mob dance in chicago???

charis said...

awwww don't be jealous
i did not have my camera eiiither so i'm clearly not super stalker enough. i also told you i miss you already on my latest comment on your blog post.... but here it goes: i miss you too!

also: charlotte - really!?!??!?!?
that's soooo crazy i must catch up with levina to hear all about this story ahahahah. and i have no idea what you're talking about. but i will go to that link.