what did we LOVE: bembo's zoo

"...the picture book debut of deVicq de Cumptich, should delight collectors of stylish picture books and aficionados of the graphic arts." - Publisher's Weekly


The entire alphabet A - Z of animals from "Antelope" to "Zebra," with things like iguanas, octopuses and flamingos in between, crafted entirely out of the Bembo typeface. It's pretty much amazing. This man (Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich) has skills beyond belief in having been able to make the likenesses of 26 animals out of the letters in their names. Recommeded for viewing by my type core studio teacher. Was a children's book before it became an entertaining flash website! Would love to own it though just clicking on the site is fairly satisfying.

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Jane said...

Awww!!! this is adorable!!!!!
I actually really like this one!
okay... rather random post cause i dont usually read your blog. In fact I accidentally stumbled upon it when sitting in a rather boring class goign through your facebook and went Oooooiiee!! charis has a blog! so i clicked and WALA! here i am!
but yeah, i love the idea of this. I serisouly seriously do. =]