what did we think: S2010 RTW

thoughts on (a few of) spring 2010 RTW shows...
(or what i do at work when there's nothing else to do...)

[images chosen mostly as personal favorites of collections (except for derek lam)]

(like the jacket on img 1, outfit of img 2)

alexander wang: loving the neutrals, beiges, greys and browns reminiscent of an older and more traditional amercian university time; odd corsets and different shapes; where's waldo?; repeat and repeat and repeat....; soo....schoolgirl fetish?

cushnie et ochs: shiny shiny; clinging curvy cut outs cohering; form fitting; tailored tight flesh and black party

shipley and halmos: pattern used well that i like; models are actually incredibly distracting in this lookbook; fond of loose jackets, fond of simplicity and slightly belonging to the uniqlo aesthetic...(?); where's waldo again?

derek lam: why retro? reminiscent of past being out than past being in; hodge podge bright turquoise, starry starry and floral everywhere; older cuts, older pieces, older...hairstyles

thakoon: varied patterns put together and done well; mix of colors make for soft but still energized; pinned and then flowing, flow and then pinned

all photos from style.com

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