what did we watch: flash mob dance

my sister sent me this link in her comment to the post below and because it registers on my "wow that was insanely cool" scale i'm reposting it here:


21,000 people, huge fans of oprah, (and probably the black eyed peas too) perform one of the world's LARGEST DANCES to the song "i gotta feeling"

it's so crazy that so many people could be organized and rehearsed enough to pull something like this off.
but as i sent in an email to my sister in reply to her having given me this link....kind of scary too. i mean. aren't there better things to be organized for? like peaceful protests, rallying against things or in support of other things?

just some thoughts that ran through my mind while watching it.

i'm also posting the mv to the song because it's kind of just really catchy and feel good : p (don't shoot me down)

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misLaney said...

that is INSANE!!!!! oh my god i love it