what did we cheer on

so i know my roommate strongly strongly disagrees with this.
but it was kind of nice not having internet. it was pleasant to not be dependent on it. and to be able to take a break from the constant connectivity, permanent distraction, overflowing information and images that are all what make the internet what it is.

but i did miss blogging. so here i am, trying to blog consistently amidst all of the academics and internship and work and having something of a social life...

(thank you janice for loving polaroids so much.)

here's to fall 2009 (though i'm already a month into the school year) and all it may bring.


charlotte said...

sth else artsy you'd enjoy - caroline showed it to me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=518XP8prwZo

Randy Wan said...

wow... no internet? haha amazing but crazy at the same time :)