what did we watch: love in first person


while scanning through lelove images yesterday night (in between filling in 8 letter g's for class...via an HB pencil) i came across this image and this 11 minute short film/photo documentary about a young couple's life: matt and melissa eich. i must confess i was a tiny bit sceptical at first (not that drawn in by the intro image i confess) but the narrative is really very good and the photographs shown throughout taken by either one of the couple and some ten friends are amazing. the lighting, emotion, setting - all of it. so click through.


love in the first person

"One year ago Matt Eich, 20, and Melissa Turk, 19, were typical college students. Then, everything started changing. Matt won the prestigious College Photographer of the Year contest, Melissa found out she was pregnant, they got married and moved from Ohio to Portland, OR, for Matt's summer internship.

In Love in the First Person, Matt and Melissa, with help from their friends, document their life together as they share their thoughts and fears on the sudden changes in their future. They come to realize that, as Matt says, "Nothing good comes without some sort of struggle," and that beginning a life together is as much about faith as it is about commitment."

(blurb from site)

matt eich's photography

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