about food. about text.

busy of late. school started. work started.
been at nylon two days, been to all of my 6 classes (and two recitations) the other three days.

i make a pretty good sandwich
and a decent salad and for some reason have been eating a lot of eggplant.

i must be in the right major. because even when there are those around me feeling bored, feeling restless, wanting to learn something else...i really do love my classes. and my teachers. and what i will be learning. i love type and i want to be good at it.

i get the feeling i'll be working towards that. i also feel incredibly fortunate to be at nylon.
no part of me foresaw this whole summer and fall internship thing going down.

i have no appropriate commentary for "sucker."
i wouldn't mind a lollipop but i had mochi tonight and a sample of cereal milk ice cream.

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Amy + Dianne said...

you did choose the right major.
when i heard about one of the type hw assignments. i thought,

"hm charis does that in her leisure..."