PRESS HERE by Hervé Tullet

I was randomly browsing the kids section in the MoMA store and discovered this book. Attracted to the imperative PRESS HERE, I immediately began reading and followed all the instructions of this wonderful children’s book by Hervé Tullet. The book gives you the sensation of things actually happening as a result of your actions on the page (press here, shake the book, tilt it to the left etc.) and it feels magical. The first couple of times literally gave me a feeling of power. With a touch of my finger this dot will multiply!

I was so engaged with what was happening and the effect each turn of the page had that it hardly bothered me that I was laughing, clapping (acting a little loony) in the MoMa store. All I can say is that PRESS HERE is very compelling and makes the reader a key part of the book. The book is simply illustrated in primary colors with a raw quickly drawn style. Perusing through Tullet's equally playful site, PRESS HERE fits in very well with his body of work.

Chronicle Books released a book trailer for it as well showing children being very amused with the book. But only watch it if you’re not planning to go to a bookstore and read it because the video gives away most of what happens. And you wouldn't want to ruin reading it for yourself.

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