outside of my dorm is union square, where every monday, wednesday, friday and saturday there is a farmers market and everyday of the week there are small stands / tables that sell a variety of odds and ends / bric a brac / political messages. this rather popular stand features six different pro-barack obama shirts and one anti-palin. new york is not a swing state. it's very firmly an obama state so i wonder if these stands started because of people who wanted to promote their firm beliefs and spread them to others (turning new york into an obama state) or because being pro-obama is a clever marketing strategy and in new york is bound to be financially profitable. and if it's the latter, is it fair to take advantage of political leanings to make money?

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InitialDpw said...

obama's face has become so much of a trend now. i would like to believe that the artists/designers were true to their beliefs and express it through the t-shirts, as opposed to the latter.
if it really were the latter, then i think it's kind of wrong. the presidential election is something bigger than making money and if people vote for obama just because he's become popular, then that's just wrong. though i don't know how much of an effect selling those t-shirts would have on people voting for obama.
one thing...the political and business world is quite nasty.