a note from my art history teacher

"But writing as practice should be part of the tools of your trade, art, science etc. In other words, not only will you use writing in the greater world out there after you graduate and of course while you are still in school, but you will begin think differently about, let's say, how to make a painting, or shooting a photograph, or designing a collection. Conversely, writers absorb a myriad of material outside of the written word. Do you think that succesfull artists, designers etc are only involved with aspects of their profession??NOOOOO WAAAAAYYYY; inspiration comes from many fields of visual culture, literature, philosophy and so forth (even TV?). Your education, should never be approached singularly, i.e. like a trade or vocation, but expansive, encompassing, and thankfully, endless. There, I feel better now that (I've) plugged the importance of education.....(seriously)"

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