over this christmas holiday, i have been to a total of six museums: the guggenheim (in nyc), the royal ontario museum (ROM), the art gallery of ontario (AGO), the skyscraper museum (in nyc), the mercer museum (in doylestown, PA), and the philadelphia museum of art.

when asked which i enjoyed the most, i can't really say or decide since they all have amazing parts and are different from each other.

the photos here show the best part of the ROM museum, their current modern art exhibition called "HOUSEPAINT" featuring twelve street artists. the exhibition arose as a result of the rise and demise of a place called "tent city" where the homeless of toronto gathered and built
makeshift shelters and established a life for 3 years until the government decided to ban them from the area. the works created at the ROM are a number of differently sized canvas houses painted by the various street artists in whatever way they wished. in the back is a gigantic piece featuring the actual wooden front of a suburban home painted and incorporated into the museum as well.

the art is amazing. i'm in love with the graphic styles, the characteristic and individual expression of each artist, the various hand created fonts and typography used as well as the vivid colors, imagery and ideas. they portray ideas. people, patterns and designs are all melded together on these houses and endlessly entertaining and captivating. if you're in toronto, you have to see this exhibit in the ROM (even though admission is 20 canadian dollars...) - i couldnt' tear myself away and i can still picture the houses in my mind.

i literally headed towards the exit and turned around and did another walk through of the area.

i wish you could see it as i did.


Christal said...

i like the house one with clouds and pretty colourful rainnn!!! a lot. i'm going to draw that in my house. hahah =) yay you're reading my blog. follow it. xD

charis said...

haahha yes i am reading your blog

to delve into your mind

follow mine. it'll be motivation for me to persist.

i loved this exhibition.