a wooden shell (the best part of the AGO)

it's kind of a stretch but i'd say i imagine it's like what being inside a whales belly would be. a wooden whale that is.

the art gallery of ontario has this fantastic exterior shell / tunnel length of hall that is completely ribbed in solid, warm, deep brown wooden structure.

it creates this effect of feeling so small and even while being enveloped in something so clearly man made, oddly in tune with nature. the size and sheer length makes it impressive. the only thing i'd change if i could is the view outside. not that i'm against the street of toronto it looks out on, but imagine if you could travel inside this wooden hallway to the most scenic parts of the world. it'd be like a wood and glass space bubble of the most aesthetic kind. i imagine seeing the ocean outside, or mountains, or a city's skyline, from high above the tiny cars and people below.

while the rest of the AGO is definitely worth the visit if you're in toronto (10$ canadian is a fair price for students). this was the part that left the deepest impression on me.


dearskye said...
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Christal said...

should you write about the i don't know..
GALLERY? hahah

oh yeah, that was my deleted comment under a different account

charis said...


it's ok.

if you want to know about the rest of the gallery...maybe you'll find yourself in toronto someday..