what did we feel compelled by: brian w. ferry

brian w. ferry is a photographer who previously resided in brooklyn and currently lives in london. his photos are fantastically mesmerizing.

i first came across his work on kitsune noir where danica describes his work as the "sort of images that pull you out of the attention deficit disorder-induced habit of compulsive clicking and compel you to pause, inhale and quietly gaze"

i agree entirely and personally think that what makes his photography so compelling is the atmosphere felt within those locations, created by half eaten plates of food and possessions - there is a quiet quality and all the things associated with that word: peace, calm, silence. however, more than being about the presence of these attributes it's the lack of frenzy, clutter and anxiety that pulls me in.

and personal. stockphotos have their place in company quarterlies and as website place holders, but this is the level of intimacy i love. a specific breakfast and someone's weekend trip.

check out his portfolio and find more images on his online journal.

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delaney said...

ah thanks for this post charis. i looked at his site, his stuff is amazing! i love it

hope you are doing well by the way!