what did we love: les monstris

these are the cutest handmade plushies -  the artist, Ninon, who makes them calls them "Les Monstris"

not only cute, they're definitely unique from your typical stuffed toy and despite having made hundreds and hundreds of them each one remains different from the rest. it's also particularly interesting to see her go through "phases" of ideas in her craft. i wonder where she gets  her abundance of fabric and materials from. it would be a nice touch to see a video or images of "les monstris in the making." summer project anyone?

in her words: "I just love making stuff with fabric and creating new little creatures. I have been doing it almost everyday since 2004. I don't really like making 2 things the same.....I am interested in failures, imperfections and in what is possible to obtain after some "mistakes". I believe that sometimes a couple of button eyes can be a lot more expressive than the eyes of many human beings..."

Ninon's flickr account contains images of all these lovely creations over the years. her blog also contains interesting photos and you can purchase them if you're interested here!

AND she makes other things! the creativity doens't end...

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ninon said...

ehi, thank you so much for the lovely words about my works!!! I would love to make a video, I will think about it!!