what did we try not to do

This project THIS YEAR I WILL TRY NOT TO was created by Elliot Scott and Christopher Doyle (two designers I didn't previously know but will now be watching out for) in an attempt to defy the popularity of certain trends on the internet and challenge themselves as designers to do new things. To not just give in to what people are comfortable with and like.

Wholly admirable and I love it for it's truth, humor and the creator's abilities to make fun of themselves. I also feel kind of shamed because even though I recognize the need to break down the typical and expand our collective comfort bubbles...I still love the things that this publication (in a very manifesto way) declares avoidance of.

And I particularly like it when designers include their process (you can view the video on their site, but not embed). It's 28 pages printed on newsprint stock - only 1000 copies and for sale for AUD $10.00 (but plus $5 for shipping to the US)

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