what did we decorate: WONDERLAND


artecnica is a los angeles based design company co-directed by enrico bressan and tahmineh javanbakht that collaborates with emerging, international designers to create "inspiring decorative objects for the living environment."

while wandering through homeless today in causeway bay with friends, i came across these three candleholders designed by stephen johnson for artecnica. the artist creates them from pieces individually cast from objects found in antique markets in England and are inspired by alice in wonderland - hence the name of the collection: wonderland.

they caught my eye firstly because of their whiteness and the lack of distinguishment between the various figures until further investigation. i love that you can continue to stare at all three (which is made even more difficult i acknowledge by the fact that photos of these very white objects are against a white background...) and discover increasingly more detail or whimsy. i also like that i couldn't immediately tell they were inspired by alice in wonderland (as everything seems to be these days) until i read the blurb posted next to them. the uneasy balance of the objects, the quirky seemingly random arrangement that was so carefully designed makes for an excellent design piece (that i would probably never use for it's real function - to hold candles).


it also invokes in me the desire to doodle and draw, perhaps because in that way i could replicate something similar on paper.

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