what did we accessorize: artifacts by casey

artifact 001 / ring / plug / $200

artifact 002 / ring /socket / $170

artifacts by casey

so today i went into work (nylon) for the first time since i'd come back to ny (which really was only six days ago). and in the morning i really didn't have all that much to do so i was flipping through the latest nylon feb 2010 issue (with the vampire diaries stars on the cover) and came across this really cool jewelery designer. it motivates me to start wearing rings again since i stopped after i realized i kept bashing them up with all the art i was doing.

"I like making things that don't follow the traditional notion of what jewelry is supposed to be," says Brooklyn-based designer Casey Perez of her line, Artifacts by Casey. "People think it has to be precious and luxurious, but if my jewelry makes people stop to think for a moment, then I'm happy." (taken from the nylon article - can be found here)

the top two rings made from a plug and a socket in sterling silver are clearly meant to be bought for a couple, and i think it's a pretty innovative and cute idea. the one below is just fun. i would wear any of the three (now if only there wasn't that zero at the end of those prices...)

artifact 003 / ring / jaws / $140

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