what did we illustrate: daily drop cap

DAILY DROP CAP by Jessica Hische

im not sure if i've blogged about this before, but no harm. daily drop cap is a website i'm fairly certain most fans of typography have come across before - the title and tagline says it all, "an illustrative initial every day." definitely worth going through the now almost three complete sets of the alphabet. the artist puts a great deal of effort and creativity (and dilligence in commitment to the project) - some i like better than others, but that's personal preference. i also appreciate the artist's welcoming of blogging and usage.

it's an exercise that i think would be fun to try out myself, just in a sketchbook or really roughly in illustrator - a letter a day might be a bit pushing it - maybe a letter a week and that way i'd be able to go through the alphabet twice in a year...just thoughts - maybe something you'd like to attempt?

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