what did we LOVE: BAD MACHINERY (and scarygoround!)

sept 21, 2009 (first bad machinery strip)

beginning in approximately tenth grade, i started reading a great deal on online comics / graphic novels etc. the non syndicated kinds drawn lovingly by laboring artists around the world trying to earn a living by posting a lovely strip of art a day.

bad machinery sept 23, 2009

here's one of my favorites:
BAD MACHINERY by John Allison (as presented by scary go round)
the artists earlier strip (his second) was entitled scary go round and lasted from 2002 to 2009(of which i have read from beginning to end - trolling through archives is a great deal of fun and wonderfully time consuming) and the characters currently featured in bad machinery stem in a way from this work.

both scary go round and bad machinery are excellently done in their artwork, full color, character development and long story plotlines. and i know i've included a lot of links in this post but if nothing else...go read this interview with the artist! i like knowing more into the minds that engineer the creative work i love.

bad machinery jan 7, 2010

someday (*hint hint*) i would love to own all the SGR books...unfortunately 1- 3 are out of print.

sketch from sketch fiesta dec 2009

the artist also has a flickr full of sketches well worth browsing. and a blog! the man is well versed in the ways of the internet world.

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