what did we rebrand: chiquita

i was catching up on my blog reading -
and came across this article on thedieline about chiquita's brand refresh campaign using really funky stickers in their very eye-catching blue and yellow. you can see even more images of the campaign on thedieline or read about the chiquita campaign here on design: related in an interview with the art director dj neff. (production company: The Famous Group)

favorite excerpts from the interview with dj neff:

"The client’s goals were kind of like that dream brief you get handed that simply says: “Make bananas cool"....but it was still up to us to really figure out strategically what about Chiquita bananas would always be cool."

"So, the hope was by creating the characters, now when they eat the banana, they are even more excited and inspired to put that sticker somewhere special to keep it. The designs themselves had to be fun, so I just thought about all the fun things I like, cartoons, toys, people I know, and they sort of just came out."

"Then our job as designers becomes recognizing the area that our product lives in, or wants to live in, and creating value to allow its seamless placement amongst its peers. "

"But in most cases, there is always something that can be built on, discovered, or championed with any brand. It really just requires spending as much time as you can with the product, immersing yourself in it. Like method designing, you just have to live it and the work will flow through you."

the entire campaign was called "eatachiquita" with the tagline "don't let another good banana go bad" and it also involved a lot of internet usage to get consumers involved and interested. you could make your face into a chiquita sticker version! 24 of the 25 final stickers below. (25th was the redesign of the chiquita woman herself)

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