what did we bake: buttermilk biscuits!

tonight i made buttermilk biscuits following this recipe from serious eats (except for using cornstarch because it was $3 for quite a large tin and i really didn't plan on having a thing of cornstarch lying around the house afterwards) oh and instead of having them 1/2 inch thick mine are more cookie like and about 1/4 inch thick.

i also hand mixed / hand cut / hand pat all the steps so my forearms feel pretty worked out. my housemate and i split one since all the rest are for church refreshments tmr (college fellowships turn) and she tried to convince me for about 30 minutes that i should run out and buy chocolate frosting and frost all of them. i told her she just wanted to eat the leftover frosting and have an excuse to have it in the house. so they remain as they are.