what did we watch: telephone

best lines:
miss officer: "i told you she didn't have a dick"
"you've been a very bad girl. a very very very bad girl gaga"
"mm mm honey b"

each of the numerous outfits:
- b/w striped power suit
- fishnet tights and black X nipple covers
- cigarette sunglasses and heavy chain bling
- studded jacket with diet coke hair curlers
- black bikini with studs
- something out of my fair lady's ascot scene but with neon blonde hair
- um blue phone headress?
- chef headress with blonde telephone attached!
- guerilla american flag wonder woman
- leopard print jump suit with matching chauffeur hat
- i don't know how to describe the lavender drapey thing that is the last costume gaga wears

best moments of video editing:
super high resolution
shuddering camera
split screen
really good timing with the music
use of cartoon style graphics / text

most random:
miss officer using plenty of fish "world's largest dating site"
"Let's make a Sandwich"
beyonce's zombie jumps and appearance like a plastic doll
the strange patriotic theme in the last two minutes starting around 7:50 with the use of the american flag for all the outfits and color scheme
ending with the gender sign for females?

and here's the whole thing itself:


Amy + Dianne said...


wow...i didnt know you were THIS into gaga.

good for you girl. d

Amy + Dianne said...


wow...i didnt know you were THIS into gaga.

good for you girl.


Amy + Dianne said...


i comment because i know how hard you worked on this blog.

Also i am going to watch the video now :-)

have a wonderful spring break
nice hanging out today you are bad influence and force me to ditch class HAHAH jk


Amy + Dianne said...


4 comments don't get to excited :-D
same people ahaha

dearskye said...

hah. i hated the overt advertisements for polaroid, virgin mobile and plenty of fish. so distracting. and i thought the dialogue sucked...

charis said...

ahhahaha amy and di - thank you both of you for the commenting...

di: friday was the day of bumping into slackers : p you and joan!

christal: yeah i totally agree - incredibly blatant. and the ridiculous confusing nonsensical plot was silly.