what did we peruse: design: related

design: related is my latest website of choice for random browsing while i wait for things to render / things to load / my mind to recuperate

while flipping through the gallery, which features "projects" and "inspirations" submitted by members of the site, i came across something that i knew immediately was hong kong.

Gaston Caba, based in buenos aires, made these super cute dolls and had a friend Joel Chung take photos of them in various locations in Hong Kong to be pictured in Pictoplasma Encyclopedia.

gaston caba's work is very colorful, consists mainly of bold vectors and features a great deal of cute animals and other created characters - reminds me of tokidoki and the like that you might describe as sugary-sweet. not everyone's cup of tea but there are some pretty intense patterns.

it made me smile to randomly come across a photo of hong kong when i wasn't expecting it.

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