what did we watch: the state of the internet

really awesome video about the internet.
only complaint: some parts are a bit too fast to understand all the information being conveyed.
otherwise, pretty crazy motion info-graphic work that gets the ideas across (and a lot of numbers) effectively and in a fun way!

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

wonder what another 5 years would add to these stats and facts. taking motion graphics this semester makes me wonder if i could ever learn to create such superb pieces of work. and how much time it would take.

(credit to mike tully for posting it on his fb wall which popped up on my mini feed and is an oddly apt story about how i came across this piece)

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InitialDpw said...

i thought parts of it was too slow, which made the video drag on for too long. 5 minutes of stats is boring and loses maximum effectiveness. it was definitely well-made though. loved it for the most part.

you can definitely do something like that. i know you have the creativity to do so. keep learning more on the technical aspects and computer language.