what did we revisit: i love you more than _________

so way back last year in august i posted about some Supermarket goods that i'd like and today i came back across one of those items while flipping through design: related.

turns out that this tote is actually one of the products of a greater project called "i love you more than _________" (you read the blank as "blank") run by paperwhite studio. anyone can go onto the site and submit their own "i love you more than ________" statements.

they ask you: "what's your measuring stick for love?"

"run by Laureen Moyal and Yuliya Gorlovetsky, in New York city’s lower east side. we began this project with a belief that you can never really evaluate the value of something unless you measure it up to something else. with all the answers that we have received, we know that you must agree. keep submitting, the answers make us smile."

sounds vaguely ironic to me since you can evaluate love without measuring, but there are some really cute answers though i think their heart graphic is a little corny...

some are silly. lots are stupid. most are deeply insider things. don't really know what i would submit if i did submit something - what about you?

i still want the tote and now i kind of want the shirt but only the cards are really within my price range (and i could easily print those myself). i'm such a sucker for mushy things.

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