what did we do for the last 10 days

the last ten days were crazy. so intense.
i completed a 3d body in time assignment consisting of a 2x2x2' cube which i wore to and back from school
i completed a 2d 3 week assignment consisting of 13 digital frames of a narrative about a north korean child refugee
i did not sleep for a full 27 hours
i tried to catch "bobby" the mouse with a shoebox
i, with nicole, organized and successfully executed a (pretty amazing if i can claim it) surprise birthday party for erin and janice
i finally broke my lent fast with a peanut butter swirl brownie and ice cream
i saw four brothers in Christ baptized
i looked at, with neha and joint with her, 16 apartments


Isabella said...

you are amazing. how do you survive? caffeine?

Amy + Dianne said...

snaps snaps! you had a crazy week and 3 days!


ps: lets go eat.

Amy + Dianne said...

you look ridiculously happy in the first pic!! (put the video up too)
haha. yay for insane weeks.
and many more to come.


charis said...

isa-->hah thaaanks i survive...by willing myself to? : p

di-->i am always up for food

amy-->hahahah i will i will