what did we take to heart

lately, it seems to be a time of inspirational speeches and passionate people eager to impart knowledge to us (those that still have their lives ahead of them).

jack solomon, my drawing studio teacher, had his friend and catalog designer gary bielski come in and speak to us about the work he does. having majored in fine arts at notre dame, he graduated university to realize he didn't enjoy working for others and began his own company at the age of 23 helping others in their branding, company image, logos, identity etc. he does everything it seems in that realm. i for one, though not agreeing fully with all he lives by, really took some of the ways of thinking he advised us to consider into thought he said things that all of us know and have heard and think of but don't really take to heart, don't really care, don't adopt into our lifestyles:

ask questions
pick yourself up, you can always get up again
don't be trendy
think obliquely, not linear or horizontal
be open to possibilities
pay attention to everything around you
get involved
don't be stuck in one job all your life
think in simplicity
don't be lazy
have passion

"if you're not learning, you're doing something wrong or you should be doing something else"

mental note to self: don't be afraid of what you don't know

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