what did we wow

her morning elegance - oren lavie

amazing stop motion music video
let me say that again: amaaazing
so labor intensive, creative concept, gorgeously arranged and aesthetic, (also happen to like the song)

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. said...

i'm just gonna leave my comments to all your recent posts in one shot:

1. loving the owl city song
2. i am amazed and in love with this video as well! saw it in Ori's class the other day..as im assuming you did too..and i've been playing it incessantly ever since. the youtube window just stays open on my computer. i LOVE it.
3. wet seal dress below = i like! 4$ = even better!
4. apartment = ive already harassed neha about it but i cannot wait to seee! so excited for you! heard about the bed adventure as well. im sure that was fun to carry haha