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"we are a moment, You are forever"

i think today i realized how temporary what i do is. i work for weeks and weeks on a project in order to have it critiqued for 5 - 10 minutes. the end. all the time invested, energy, motivation, inspiration, creative imagination...5 - 10 minutes and finished. i think it truly frustrates me at times, especially when i know that something i have done is the best i can do - that this is something i'm proud of and feel like it deserves attention. i love the feeling of knowing i am happy and satisfied with my work and have nothing to fear when placing it before the scrutiny of my peers and professors. the not so great feeling is after your minutes of spotlight attention are up and your work is put away and you take it home...to sit somewhere quietly neglected.

i have yet to reconcile myself to the entirely temporary state of all my efforts. the results are sorely lacking in satisfaction.

i'm trying so hard to understand this career path i've chosen and simultaneously realize that it isn't all important. the above quote is taken from one of the worship songs we sang this morning: be unto your name. while singing these words, the truth of it clicked with my repressed feelings, not meaning that i've completely accepted what i know to be true, but it's work in progress.

i am a moment. all i do is a moment. only You are forever; only You are eternal.


. said...

oh but that is so far from the truth chareeces pieces. anything you've done is never over after your 10 min critique. all your hard work and talent and creativity is so apparent in your projects, no one forgets it. anyone who possesses those qualities is inevitably going to be looked up to and have their ideas and projects held in high regard. your classmates are going to call on the memory of your crit when trying to think of a better idea for their next project. (i know this bc i've done it myself!)
even if crit is just a moment, it is one not easily forgotten BECAUSE of all the effort you have put in to it.

but of course i understand where you're coming from, there's nothing wrong with being frustrated. why do you think i'm surfing the web right now? i'm having a very frustrating 2d mental block!

charis said...

is this delaney? (i think so..)

thank you so much for the encouragement. it's really very affirmative and uplifting to know that someone feels this way and regards their peers work in this light. it's true that i often see my classmates work this way, i should be able to see that other people can regard me the same way.

i suppose it's about the after effect - the not forgetting part.

. said...

hahah woops i forgot i deleted my blog. yes its delaney!

Amy + Dianne said...

every art students struggle, here's some verses. hope they help.

Colossians 3:23-24
2 Corinthians 1:20-21

christopher mcrae said...


buck up little camper. the life of a designer is rough. feels like no one really appreciates the work you put into your designs. you have to do it for yourself first and client second. if you believe in the quality of your design, they appreciate it more.

have an architecture background and i went through the same emotions when i was in school, as well as after i got into practice.

i found your blog by accicident(we are both fans of feist), but was impressed by the design content. i keep telling my wife, sophorn, she needs to check out your blog. hers is norococo.blogspot.com. if you are interested in seeing another designers blog. my wife is an architect/photographer/graphic designer/design addict

have a great day and keep the nice designs coming. strangers are noticing your work.

don't judge my blog if you check it out. am a ludite.